Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Small Business: How Are You Doing?

Managing a small business is a big challenge – national survey results confirm it. How are you doing?

The semiannual Small Business Success Index tells the story in terms of six dimensions found to most influence small business success in America: marketing and innovation, technology (use of), capital access, work force, customer service and compliance (laws and regulations). The purpose of the national survey is to track the competitive health of small businesses over time. On these six measures and overall, America’s small businesses earn a “C” grade – just “getting by.”

The survey has been developed collaboratively by the University of Maryland Smith School of Business and Network Solutions and is administered by Rockbridge Associates in Virginia. The Tacoma-Pierce Country Chamber is also collaborating with them to conduct the survey by local business owners locally. You can take it at your convenience until 3 September. Why should you?

Taking the survey does two important things. Firstly, the fourteen-question survey immediately gives you your business scores in the six dimensions mentioned above – that alone would help you to better focus your efforts to improve success. There are also additional questions about your use of technology as well as the ease of doing business “here.”

Secondly, your responses will provide the basis for a report to be submitted to local chambers of commerce, local governments and other agencies, which will help them better target and develop programs to help business owners like yourself. One of those resources is currently being developed in the community via the Puget Sound American Marketing Association – to identify the marketing community and provide a means to assist small business owners in this critical area.

Your voice and responses are important to you and others – take the survey today!

Guest Blogger: Merl Simpson, Associate Professor of Marketing
School of Business, Pacific Lutheran University

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