Monday, August 16, 2010

Shoreline Update Update

Community action - especially input from affected shoreline businesses and associated industry - is having an effect on Tacoma's Shoreline Update.

Last week, Tacoma Planner Stephen Atkinson met again with the Chamber's Shorelines Task Force to discuss newer aspects of a draft Update, revised given community input.  Once scheduled for release in November, the preliminary draft is now targeted for release as early as this week, or following the next Tacoma Planning Commission meeting.  Look for notices (and the Chamber will post the link when available).

There was a robust discussion among members and Atkinson as to what to expect.  Atkinson did ask that we all read the new draft when it comes out as he said the City has worked to be responsive to community input on issues and technical corrections. 

Nonetheless, expect an inclusion of a more enhance public access implementation policy.  Several members asked Atkinson as to the Washington Department of Ecology's (DOE) requirement for increased public access, given the miles of publicly accessible shoreline Tacoma now has?  It is safe to say that the City feels a need to enhance public access given DOE direction, even if that direction may be more applicable to other jurisdictions. 

For now, expect the public process to continue until April 2011, until final action by the Tacoma City Council, and submittal to DOE for its acceptance review process.

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