Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chamber Recommendations on Ballot Issues

The Chamber’s recommendations for the ballot issues are below. These recommendations were adopted by the Chamber’s Board based on the initiatives and referendum’s impact to businesses.

Support these initiatives:
  • I-1053: Restore 2/3rds vote of legislature to raise taxes.
  • I-1082: Ending state monopoly on workers' compensation.
  • I-1100: Free market for liquor sales.
  • I-1107: Repeal tax increases on candy, soda, gum.
Oppose these initiatives and referendum:
  • I-1098: State income tax for individual income over $200K.
  • I-1105: Limited open market for retail liquor sales.
  • R-52:   Extend state's tax on bottled water to fund schools construction.
Vote on the straw poll on this blog about each of these ballot issues (column left).

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