Friday, February 15, 2008

Stay in the Flow

Today is the last day for public comments about Tacoma's new NPDES Municipal Stormwater Permit.

The NPDES stormwater permit regulates the discharge of stormwater froml the City's system to local waterways. This permit is supported by a plan that will remain in effect for five years. For more information from City staff , contact Shauna Hansen at 253-502-2119.

The Chamber's comments are:

Capping CAPO Comments

Today, interested and involved parties must submit comments to the Tacoma Planning Commission in response to its public hearing on the latest draft of the Critical Areas Preservation Ordinance (CAPO) Update mandated by the Growth Management Hearings Board.

The CAPO Update is available at at this link, then click on Critical Areas Preservation Ordinance Update or contact Community and Economic Development Staff:

The Chamber's comments: