Monday, August 2, 2010

New Port Element in Tacoma's Comp Plan

Thursday marked the initial public outreach to businesses in the port-industrial area as Tacoma prepared its planning compliance with a new state mandate.

The briefing, presented to a mostly-full room at the Fabulich Center by Tacoma, Port of Tacoma and consultants, most immediately sought input on the proposed study area and identifying freight corridors.

Among comments voiced generally or around the displays (repeated in the PowerPoint) were:
  • The Study Area should include the grain terminal, rail yard and Sperry Ocean
  • The Study Area should include anchorages
  • The E. Foss Peninsula (as acknowledged) has freight corridor and local area infrastructure needs
Stressed during the give and take of questions was that this process is different from the contemporary Shoreline Update by Tacoma.  The Shoreline Update effects an area from the ordinary high water mark for 200 feet inland.  This New Port Element effects a defined core area of the port industrial area and related industrial uses.  Both will be added to Tacoma's Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

Also noted was that coordination is underway with Fife and the Puyallup Tribe. 
For more information and contact, email Ian Munce (City) or 253-573-2478 and Kell McAboy (Port) or 253-592-6217.

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