Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shoreline Update Restarts Again

Circumstances have repeatedly delayed the update of the City of Tacoma’s Shoreline regulations. But a meeting last Thursday night reviewed the progress to date, the schedule for draft review and adoption, outline and structure of the Shoreline Management Plan (SMP), as well as proposed Environment Designations for shoreline areas and proposed Shoreline District boundary revisions.

Draft documents have been posted to the City’s website.

Staff, consultants and attending citizens and industry experts were stalwart in their determination to wade through the complex and comprehensive information. The PowerPoint is now posted.

In addition to determining what regulatory updates may impact you, if you own, live or work within 115 feet of high water, there are proposed changes all along the shoreline from Day’s Island to Dash Point. (Other jurisdictions have shoreline regs too.)

Of the numerous changes, new boundaries and other staff suggestions, the only suggested zone boundary change from the private sector (profit or non-profit), the Chamber’s suggestion to include all the Foss Industrial peninsula west of E. 11th Street, was NOT included.

The Chamber’s suggested boundary had the effect of including the defined area in with like development in the port-industrial area and removing artificial constraints to retention or expansion of industry.

Since this process has been so delayed, the Chamber will be contacting those businesses impacted by this suggested shoreline regulatory zone to determine if local desires still support this proposed amendment to what is still called an Interim Regulation.

UPDATE: 09-09-25 "Elitist Vision"

Yesterday, The News Tribune columnist Peter Callaghan wrote about the "elitist vision" of those who see "no room for 'dirty, polluting' industry" in our community. He was referencing a panel discussion sponsored by Conversations RE: Tacoma.

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