Friday, September 25, 2009

Chamber Finds End of the Road

The Tacoma Delegation (shown preparing room setup) at the annual Alaska State Chamber of Commerce (ASCC) Conference and Trade Show.

50 is a special number this year for Alaskans who celebrate their 50th year of statehood. Also celebrating were ASCC members at their 50th annual meeting and trade show.

Tacoma, which has sponsored a Tacoma Breakfast and has a 24-year continuous run of commemorative mugs featuring cities in Alaska, chose the conference site, Homer AK, for the 2009 design.

More importantly to our Chamber members is the work during the bulk of the ASCC conference as these Tacoma delegates demonstrated our community's commitment to the Alaska market, gained new knowledge about the issues and challenges in Alaska and reinforced among Alaskans our commitment to the economic partnership we enjoy.

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