Monday, October 13, 2008

Port-Industrial Area Shoreline Update

The City of Tacoma has taken up the necessity of updating its Shoreline Master Plan. The earlier initiative was derailed and delayed due to environmental groups advocacy that a Critical Areas Protection Ordinance must be done first.

Now that that process is out of the way, the City has organized an Open House on THURSDAY, Oct. 23, 5 p.m. at the Foss Waterway Seaport, 705 Dock Street, Tacoma 98402.

At the Open House, City staff will be presenting information, taking comment and answering questions about the following:
  • Draft Restoration Plan

  • Draft Shoreline Use Analysis

  • Draft Public Access Inventory and Opportunities

  • Draft Foss Waterway Public Access and Use Analysis

While the Chamber has stressed to City staff that existing shoreline plans prohibit existing manufacturing from acquiring adjacent parcels and expanding operations or otherwise consolidating parcels for manufacturing purposes, there is no guarantee that this point has been "taken."

(T)he (manufacturing) uses may not be expanded beyond property boundaries owned, leased, or operated by the industrial user on January 1, 1996. INTERIM REGULATIONS, 13.10.110 (A-D) - S-8 SHORELINE DISTRICT – THEA FOSS WATERWAY

Despite advocacy for a change in the City's Comprehensive Plan to prohibit residential and hotel type uses north of the Murray Morgan (11th Street) Bridge, sentiment still exists in some adherents to change the face of the Foss Waterway by limiting the market opportunity for manufacturing.

This Open House is your opportunity to speak for your own best interests in continuing the manufacturing sector in the northeast Foss Industrial Peninsula.

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