Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Say It Like You Mean It

Today (Oct. 29), public comments are due for the Environmental Assessment of a Lifestyles Center on Ft. Lewis.

This issue was earlier blogged on the Chamber's Live Wire website here. You are encouraged to view the materials linked in that earlier blog.

The Chamber solicited comments from its members. Those comments were actually received as phone calls. As explained in the enclosed letter here, those comments were divided into two opinions:
  1. the local economy is large and diverse enough to satisfy the consumer needs of soldiers and their families.
  2. this proposed Lifestyles Center is such an important quality-of-life amenity for soldiers and their families that it should be supported.

The Chamber shared this perspective with our comments to the contact point for the project on Ft. Lewis. You are encouraged to share your concerns - but do it today for official consideration.

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