Thursday, January 8, 2009

Shoreline Update Progress

The Technical Review Committee met Tuesday for Tacoma's Shoreline Management Plan Update.

Your Chamber was the only private sector representative there and the Port's rep was the only person from the development industry.

Presented for initial discussion were the draft reports Tacoma Waterfront Lands Analysis and Shoreline Restoration Plan. When you review these plans, note that S-8 is the Foss Waterway, S-9 is the Puyallup River and S-10 is the port-industrial waterways.

The City plans to include Tuesday's PowerPoints on its online access. Some few comments were offered around the room, but public written comments are open until Friday, January 16 to Molly Harris or other Planning Division staff.

The Updating process is to bring the City into compliance with state guidelines. Tacoma must adopt new policies and regulations for all its shoreline areas including Commencement Bay, the Narrows and Wapato Lake.

The current end point is March 2010 for a City Council public hearing on the draft Shoreline Management Plan, although the state's deadline is 2011. Look for future announcements for public workshops and respond to opportunities for an outreach to stakeholders the City of Tacoma is making.

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