Friday, October 18, 2013

E-ivote Button for Social Media

This election season you can digitally encourage friends to vote with the Pierce County Auditor’s new “I Voted” avatar. The transition from the traditional “I Voted” stickers to a digital image is both cost effective and a reflection of modern communication.

“Posting your Pierce County ‘I voted’ avatar to your social media accounts is the modern equivalent of wearing the sticker. Post it as soon as you vote to prompt your friends to vote. It’s also a good reminder that you can vote and return your ballot as soon as you’re ready,” said Auditor Julie Anderson.

The Auditor’s Office is providing images formatted for Facebook profile pictures and cover photos, and for Twitter avatars. These images can be found here or on Pierce County's Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Voter turnout has improved with the shift to Vote-by-Mail, but with expected turnout for the Nov. 5 election at 46 percent, the Auditor’s Office is looking for new ways to promote voting.

“Personal outreach is the very best way to prompt participation. We want our most enthusiastic voters to promote the vote. Use your social capital and be a civic leader,” said Anderson.

Ballots will arrive on Saturday and Monday. You can vote and return your ballot as soon as you’re ready.  Ballot Drop Boxes are open now.

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