Monday, October 14, 2013

Community-Generated State-Wide Voter's Guide Goes Live

Washington State's Living Voter's Guide (LVG) is an online resource that invites participants to discuss statewide and local ballot measures together, to explore one another’s positions, and to build a personal, customized platform that will inform their final vote.
This voters’ guide is co-created by everyone who participates and evolves as users across the state consider the trade-offs for each measure. To see how the Living Voters Guide works, click here to check out a short video.
LVG is an online tool created by CityClub (Seattle) and researchers at the University of Washington's Department of Computer Science and Engineering that aims to help build an informed electorate and support healthy civic dialogue in our state. Their continuing partnership with the Seattle Public Library has made this resource even more helpful and trusted by over 30,000 users across the state. 
Click here for the guide.

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