Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy 47th Birthday, Tacoma Mall!

On Tuesday, October 9, Steve Heim, the General Manager of Tacoma Mall, gave a brief presentation to Tacoma City Council’s Economic Development Committee.

Tacoma Mall first opened October 13, 1965, and was the second fully enclosed mall on the West Coast. Since then, the mall has undergone numerous changes, including expansions in 1973, 1981, and 2008.

In recent years there has been a surge of new, higher end stores introduced to the mall, further increasing the mall’s significance to the local community and surrounding region. Tacoma Mall now houses an Apple store that is 6,000 square feet and the largest in Washington State! In addition, there is no other Nordstrom located between Tacoma and Portland, making Tacoma a regional destination for their customer base.  

The mall’s property itself is unique in Tacoma, in that the 101 acres it sits on is privately owned, yet open to the public. You may not have realized that the mall also has 5.5 acres of green space. While the main building is enclosed, redevelopment has continued its move towards an open, outdoor feel.

Throughout his tenure at Tacoma Mall, Mr. Heim has made numerous noteworthy enhancements, renovating the mall’s outdoor and indoor appearance, improving security, reducing mall traffic congestion, and helping to bring in several highly desirable retailers and restaurants, all of which contribute to the mall’s exceptional atmosphere.

Tacoma Mall is not only significant to the City of Tacoma as a strong revenue source (the mall area’s sales tax provides approximately five percent of the city’s total general fund revenue), but also serving an important role in Tacoma’s community and economic development by providing numerous jobs, funding vital government services, and creating a regional draw to the area.

So happy birthday, Tacoma Mall! May we see many more years of strong business in the community!

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