Thursday, June 14, 2012

Regional Economic Strategy Up for Public Comment

The Prosperity Partnership is seeking public comment on its draft Regional Economic Strategy and Economy Report. The 30-day public comment period will run from June 13 to July 12, 2012.

The draft Regional Economic Strategy is an active blueprint to ensure our region's long term sustainable economic prosperity. It outlines the Prosperity Partnership's initiatives for improving the five foundation areas of the economy: education and workforce development, business climate, entrepreneurship and innovation, infrastructure, and quality of life. Each goal has a set of strategies - the methods the region will take to achieve those goals.

The draft Economy Report assesses industry cluster and foundational issues associated with successful economic development strategies and creates a context for understanding the central Puget Sound's competitive position relative to peer regions. Industry clusters include: Aerospace, Business Services, Clean Technology, Information Technology, Life Science and Global Health, Maritime, Military, Philanthropies, Tourism and Visitors, and Transportation and Logistics.

The draft Regional Economic Strategy and Economy Report are available online at or from PSRC's Information Center at (206) 464-7532. The documents are scheduled for adoption by the region's Economic Development District Board on July 25, 2012.

For more information, contact Chris Endresen Scott, 206-971-3269.

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