Friday, June 22, 2012

Grant Saves Jobs and Businesses

Chamber President & CEO Tom Pierson participated in a press conference today where Senator Maria Cantwell announced that Tacoma's Fire Department has won a $7.7 million FEMA SAFER grant. The grant will save 37 firefighter jobs and give some breathing room for this year's city budget.

Tom had this to say at the conference:
Good fire service is good for business. Here in Tacoma we have great fire service.

Senator Cantwell and all Pierce County leaders are focused on investments that show we are 'open for business.' This grant keeps business overhead low, creating an attractive market to keep and bring new businesses and more jobs into our community.Today’s announcement keeps firefighters on the job and serving businesses in our community boosts the business-friendly environment here in Tacoma and Pierce County.

Business dependence on good infrastructure of roads, power and utilities is complimented with a healthy fire department. Every community is evaluated for its fire services. A robust fire department means lower costs for fire insurance premiums and doing business, which saves money for every business in our community and in turn, creates new jobs.

A lower cost of doing business aids in the continuing retention of jobs by our businesses and creates an attractive market to bring new businesses and more jobs into our community.

We are proud of the Tacoma Fire Department, for the men and women who put their lives on the line for us every day!

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