Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Council Scorecard Proves Popular

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Last week the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber released its first quarterly scorecard for the Tacoma City Council.  Since then, the Chamber has received an overwhelming response from businesses who appreciate the opportunity to better understand how their Council is voting without attending every meeting the City holds.  As one Chamber member said, "This is an outstanding execution of accountability and transparency to the public."

The popularity of the scorecard has clearly gone beyond the Chamber membership as evidenced by the article more than doubling visits to the Chamber's Live Wire blog at the time of posting.  A number of people have referenced how difficult it is to track business issues that move through City Council between staff recommendations, committee meetings, Council meetings, and last minute amendments.

While the Chamber will do its best to keep its members informed in advance of changes proposed by Council, we will always continue to encourage transparency and accountability with government.

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