Tuesday, February 28, 2012

City Center Luncheon Reborn

The City Center Luncheon series provided once-a-quarter opportunities to hear about activities in downtown Tacoma.  Since late 2003 the series has been a great success.  In fact it has been so successful that people want more details about what's coming.  In addition, downtown is only a starting point for things impacting Tacoma.

In order to accommodate the speed of happenings in downtown and the greater community, The Chamber is expanding the program to monthly luncheons featuring the greater Tacoma community.  This means that over the next few months there will be a series of luncheons with a a variety of topics. 

To capture this new breadth and changing topic, the name of the series is also changing.  This March, please welcome the Chamber Luncheon Series, featuring...

...Downtown Tacoma (March)
...Environment (April)
...Tacoma (May)
...Healthy Communities (June)
...New Tacoma Awards (July)
...and more...

To register for any of these luncheons, please contact Savannah Kimball at 253-683-4881 or savannahk@tacomachamber.org

The March Chamber Luncheon will feature an update on things happening around downtown Tacoma, including:

- Mayor Strickland presenting on where Tacoma is headed in 2012.
- WSDOT presenting on the coming closure of Exit 133 from I-5 to I-705
- Tacoma Public Works presenting on what road construction lies ahead in downtown
- Introduction of the New Tacoma Awards and opening of nominations

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