Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chamber Testifies on Billboards

The Chamber testified at last night’s Tacoma City Council public hearing on the new billboard Substitute Ordinance No. 28009.

Jeff Brown, the Chamber’s Chair-Elect Select, conveyed the Chamber’s support of the section of ordinance that deals with the maintenance of billboards. Brown encouraged the City Council to continue discussion in good faith with Clear Channel on the mutually agreed settlement of the lawsuit on the existing billboard ordinance. Although the City Council voted to approve the new billboard code, it will be up to Clear Channel to determine if they wish to resume their court case.

While the Chamber did not take a position on digital billboards at the hearing, it was noted by the Chamber that five council members expressed that digital technology in advertising must be addressed.

The Chamber is willing to participate with other stakeholders in formulating guidelines for digital technology in billboards and signs. For more information contact Gary Brackett.

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