Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chamber Surveys Candidates Business Views

This November is filled with many races for local political office. The winning candidates will decide for the next two years, four years or longer (if re-elected) issues about taxes, regulations, incentives and the general business climate.

With businesses making up a key component of each community throughout Pierce County, the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber is interested in how candidates’ views integrate with the views of our members, the businesses- and you should be too! The Chamber is committed to representing the interests of businesses so as to strengthen the local economy.

The Chamber appreciates the candidates’ willingness to run for office to represent your community in local government. To allow businesses to better understand their positions on a variety of related issues, the Chamber prepared a survey whose candidates’ responses will help us get to know them better.

While the Chamber is not endorsing candidates for office, it will publish candidates’ responses (or the fact of a lack of response) to the survey and distribute them to our members. Compare their responses to the candidates ads, and your own preferences!

Some very important races only have one candidate! Although there are many races whose winners will fill important jobs and make critical decisions, this survey will only focus on contested races, races in larger jurisdictions and jurisdictions in the Chamber’s primary service area and divisions.

Look forward to receiving your copy of the first Chamber’s Voter’s Guide around October 3. You are encouraged to download your copy and share with those in your business or professional networks who would be interested in candidates’ views on business and jobs.

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