Monday, August 8, 2011

Billboards & Business

The Chamber is urging the City Council to show that “Tacoma is open for business.”

On August 9th the City of Tacoma will have an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to businesses in Tacoma and Pierce County by allowing the replacement of older static billboards with more innovative digital billboard.

One year ago, the City Council unanimously agreed to a compromise removing a large number of traditional static billboards while allowing their replacement with fewer, newer digital billboards as compensation.

As the voice for business in Tacoma, the Chamber believes the City Council’s compromise agreement is a workable solution that considers all sides of this issue in a responsible and responsive manner. Rather than a potentially lengthy court battle with the outcome unknown, the Chamber urges City council members to reach a real solution that allows for better advertising for local businesses with their Tacoma customers and a substantial reduction of the number of billboards in Tacoma.

Billboards benefit local businesses and non-profits by providing cost effective ways to advertise. In addition, they provide additional outlets for time sensitive information – like Amber alerts. The City of Tacoma itself recognizes the value of digital billboards with its installation of digital billboards at the Tacoma Dome and Cheney Stadium.

The City must uphold its commitments to the business community.

Please email your City Council and tell them businesses are an important part of the community and to uphold the billboard settlement. To do so, click here for the direct mail link. Also consider coming to the public hearing on Tuesday, August 9, 5 p.m. at Council Chambers, Tacoma Municipal Bldg, 747 Market St., 98402.

1 comment:

  1. How does the chamber of commerce feel about the placement of these enormous signs in our Tacoma neighborhoods as per the "proposed settlement agreement"?

    Does the chamber's ability to advertise to me and my children in unsafe ways (without my approval or choice) outweigh the citizens ability to live safely and happily in the city that WE pay taxes in and reside?

    The Chamber should watch out for making bed fellows with bad businesses too. After all the citizens are VERY aware of what business chose to lie with Clear Chanel on this issue.

    Thanks for your involvement and consideration.