Thursday, December 10, 2009

Optimists or Fatalists

The attendees at the 23rd Horizons economic forecast breakfast, in addition to learning the updates on expected moves in the economy, had the opportunity to share their personal expectations on the economy.

Three questions were asked on a survey offered to everyone. And, about 60 (not everyone answered every question) returned their surveys. In general terms, respondents tended to be optimistic about the future, expecting either better ahead or at least more of the same. Those expecting worse were in the definite minority.

The results:

1. Do you feel that your company's economic fortunes will be better in 2010? For "better", 44.8%, for "same", 41.4% and for "worse", 13.8%.

2. Do you believe your company will have more or less employees in 2010? For "better", 20%, for "same", 56.7% and for "worse", 23.3%.

3. Do you believe your personal economic situation will be better in 2010? For "better", 40.7%, for "same", 40.7% and for "worse", 18.6%.

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