Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Facts & Myths - Health Care Reform

MoveOn.org last week distributed to its membership across the nation, including Washington state, a broadcast encouraging them to contact local chambers including your Chamber.

Their misleading message was that your Chamber was helping to “kill health reform” through its membership in the U.S. Chamber. They have urged your Chamber to quit the U.S. Chamber.

The Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber maintains its membership in the U.S. Chamber because it is an effective voice on a wide range of issues critical to the success—even survival, of business and the free enterprise system. They have recently launched a $100 million campaign in support of the American Free Enterprise System.

In addition to business advocacy, the U.S. Chamber provides research on issues, staff expertise, training for local chamber staff in organizational management and an accreditation program for recognition of local chamber operational excellence.

Your Chamber, the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber, continually works to offer benefits and an advocacy program to our members.

Our advocacy consists of working with partners at the state level, like the Association of Washington Business’ coalition of business partners for quality health care. And, we work together within our own legislature for health care and other community issues. (TEACH agenda link)

Our advocacy also includes our efforts at the federal level as during the annual Washington to Washington, D.C. delegation. On the last trip, health care was among our select community issues.

Enter your comments below to share your concerns and positions on business advocacy for health care reform.

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