Thursday, December 17, 2009

Decision 2010: Tacoma School Levies

Supporters of the levies for the Tacoma School District met with the Chamber's Public Affairs Council to discuss the need for replacing the school district's expiring levy and an additional levy for school facility improvements and upgrades.

The levies will appear on the February 9, 2010 ballot where they will each need one vote over 50 percent of the total vote to pass.

Mayor-elect Marilyn Strickland led off the discussion at the Chamber group's monthly meeting by providing an overview of the package and making the case that "education is a priority in this city." She was followed by representatives from the school district who provided details about the levies and the financial impacts upon homeowners in the district.

The Replacement Levy (Proposition 1) accounts for 22 percent of the district's overall budget for day-to-day operations and education programs, while the School Facilities Improvement Levy will "renovate or replace three schools and make district-wide school facility improvements. More information on the levies can be found at or by contacting Dan Voelpel, who recently joined the school district's Public Information Office, at (253) 571-1015.

The Chamber's Public Affairs Council is considering a position on both of the levies. More information about the Chamber's position on these levies can be found soon at this blog.

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