Tuesday, March 3, 2015

WA State Senate Passed $15B Transportation Package

The Washington State Senate passed the $15 billion transportation package yesterday afternoon by finalizing their efforts with *Senate Bill 5987 and 5988 to bring funding to key mega-projects around the State. 

On Friday the Washington State Senate took eight votes to adopt pieces of legislation that are necessary components of a new transportation revenue, expenditure and reform package for Washington state **(SB 5990 – SB 5997).

While Senate session was ended on Friday due to a procedural question on Rule 67, which caused delay in consideration of the gas tax, bond and additive funding bills, the final passage of the package was expected and completed Monday.

The Chamber encourages members to thank their Pierce County representatives for their efforts in funding the transportation package to their emails listed below. Senators Angel, Becker, Dammeier, Miloscia, and O'Ban dutifully represented Pierce County interests by continuing to vote yes on reform bills and complete their efforts by supporting the funding measures. 

This transportation package funds the clearing of traffic and port related congestion alike for both ends of Pierce County. It allocates necessary monies for upgrades to the SR-167 and the JBLM-Corridor, as well as other regional projects across the State.

Currently the bill heads to the House for its consideration. We urge our State Representatives from Pierce County to keep the goal of this package in site. Funding transportation will boost Washington’s economy by building projects necessary to compete globally as well as creating new jobs critical for citizens and workers. 

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