Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tacoma Proposition #1 For and Against Committee Recommendations

In a special meeting of Tacoma’s Government Performance and Finance Committee held this morning, Committee Chair Joe Lonergan, Mayor Marilyn Strickland, Deputy Mayor Marty Campbell, and Councilman Robert Thoms voted unanimously to recommend:  
  • Mark Martinez, Harold Moss, and Clare Petrich to the “For” Committee and  
  •  Thomas Oldfield, Rachel Hanson, and Robert Casey to the “Against” Committee regarding City of Tacoma Proposition Number 1. 
Proposition Number 1, which would add a two percent earnings tax on utility companies for Tacoma street improvement, would fund the following: basic maintenance and safety upgrades for city roads, arterials, and bridges; permanent pothole repairs; pedestrian safety improvement to crosswalks near schools, sidewalks, and intersections; repaving of neighborhood streets; improved signal timing; and repairs to bridges. 

Applicants who were not recommended include: Mark Bubenik, Gary Romero, Kimberly Seely, Dave McEntee, and Sharon Benson, all nominees for the “Against” Committee.

Recommendations will be presented for adoption to the City Council tonight. 

The Chamber has not yet developed a policy statement on this ballot issue. Chamber members wishing to participate in this decision may attend a special meeting of the Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee, Tuesday, August 6, 8:00 a.m., Chamber Offices, Simpson Community Room, 950 Pacific Ave., Ste. 300, Tacoma 98402. 

UPDATE JULY 31:  The Chamber's Government Affairs Committee meets Tues., Aug. 6, 8:00 a.m., in the Chamber offices to review the City of Tacoma's Prop. 1 ballot issue proposing a 2% increase in gross earning tax on select utilities for Tacoma street infrastructure.

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