Tuesday, July 2, 2013

SR 167 - Working for Completion

Tom Pierson, Pres./CEO of the Chamber says "Thanks to all the state legislators and members of the state-wide coalition for Completion of SR 167.  We almost made it – and we are not giving up!"

The Washington State Legislature did not pass the Transportation Revenue Package before they adjourned the 2nd legislative special session Saturday evening.  Passage of the Transportation Revenue Package would have meant completion of SR 167. Completing SR 167 means 80,000 good paying jobs, which in turn means growing our economy in Pierce County, and putting us on the global competitive map for future generations!

Thanks to these nine Pierce County legislators who stood up for these good jobs and economic opportunity for our communities:

25th District: Reps. Dawn Morrell and Hans Zeiger.
26th District: Rep. Larry Seaquist.
27th District: Reps. Laurie Jinkins and Jake Fey.
28th District: Rep. Tami Green.
29th District: Reps. David Sawyer and Steve Kirby
30th District: Rep. Roger Freeman

Please feel free to contact members of the delegation with a note of appreciation.

Over the past 153 days of legislative session there are many people to thank. The Chamber and the 167 Coalition are especially indebted to Michael Transue, the chamber’s lobbyist. He worked tirelessly throughout the session!

The many calls, emails and meetings you - the Chamber membership -  took part in were a huge asset.  To you all, a big thank you!  There are many more volunteers whose unflagging involvement deserves recognition. But even at the risk of getting into trouble with omitting names, such a long list would exceed the reasonable limits of this correspondence.

Even though there wasn’t a Senate vote on the Transportation Package, there were many in our delegation ready to vote YES.   Lastly, Pierson thanks Congressman Denny Heck for his leadership and constant focus and strength as a relentless advocate for completing 167.

Next Steps – We are not giving up!
We cannot wait till 2014 or 2015; we need to continue to push to get this done.  Completion of 167 has been waiting for 30 years; we cannot wait any longer.

So at the end of the special session, we are not giving up. We are discussing ways to put a package together with statewide stakeholders, including leaders in the legislature from all four caucuses.  We will be leaning on them more in the days to come. 

More information here: Complete State Route 167 blog

House Members who voted NO:
2nd Legislative District:  Reps. Gary Alexander and J.T. Wilcox.
26th District: Rep. Jan Angel
30th District: Rep. Linda Kochmar
31st District: Reps. Cathy Dahlquist and Christopher Hurst

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