Monday, December 10, 2012

Majority Coalition Caucus

After winning a majority in the State Legislature, the Democratic Party loses control.  As announced in a press release today:
"Bipartisan coalition forms majority in Washington State Senate.  Coalition focused on jobs, education and budget with shared committee structure."
"Democrat and Republican senators announced today that they have formed a Majority Coalition Caucus to lead the Senate during the 2013 legislative session. Twenty-five state senators have committed themselves to a set of principles that will guide the work of the new caucus, including:
  • promoting job growth and a vibrant economy;
  • creating a sustainable budget and living within the state’s means;
  • providing a world-class education system through reforms and enhancements;
  • governing collaboratively to protect the most vulnerable while prioritizing the needs of middle-class Washingtonians; and
  • setting priorities for state government and holding it accountable."
While the Majority Coalition Caucus is bipartisan it is made up of 23 Republicans and 2 Democrats.  This effectively divides the two houses of the state legislature with the House having majority Democratic control.  In addition with the election of our new Governor-elect Jay Inslee, the Democratic Party also continues to control the Governor's mansion.

For more on this, please see the Majority Coalition Caucus's press release at: 

The News Tribune's Coverage is at:

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