Friday, December 14, 2012

Helping Want-a-be Electeds

The Chamber has announced its inaugural Candidate Academy, beginning in February, 2013.

The program, for local leaders interested in running for office, will help participants understand the steps of campaigning and inform them of other aspects of public office that will help them determine whether they are ready to seek office.

Through four weekly sessions in February, participants will have the opportunity to learn from local elected officials, business leaders and community advocates who will advise them on how to decide whether to run for office. Encompassing a wide variety of subjects focused on four main themes, “Why Run,” “Context,” “Roles” and “Running for Office,” the comprehensive program provides a unique opportunity for participants to learn about the election process.

Under advisement from local elected officials Brian Sonntag (retiring State Auditor) and Julie Anderson (Pierce County Auditor), as well as community leaders Amy Pivetta-Hoffman, Mike Crowley, Catherine Rudolph and Faith Homan, the program offers a non-partisan perspective to elected office. The advisory committee agrees this program will encourage individuals from all backgrounds to reflect upon the decision to run for office.

“It provides a balanced, nonpartisan approach to taking the first step of running for office,” said Chamber President & CEO Tom Pierson.

Applications are currently being accepted and are available at the Chamber’s websiteFor more information, contact Mike Weinman.

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