Thursday, September 20, 2012

Economic Census Nears

What Businesses Need to Hear…and When
Sep-Oct 2012
The Economic Census has information that benefits your business, at
Nov-Dec 2012
Watch for your form - coming to most businesses in mid-December
Jan 2013
Complete your form. Your industry / community is counting on you
Feb 2013
Economic Census forms are due February 12
In November and December, more than 4 million American businesses, including 9,200 businesses in Pierce County, will receive 2012 Economic Census forms. Responses to the questionnaire are required by law (Title 13, U.S. Code), to be returned by February 12, 2013.

Every 5 years, the Economic Census develops a comprehensive portrait of American business, from the national to the local level. Timely and accurate data are vital to effective public policy and important to you.

The more than 22 million self-employed persons and other businesses without paid employees in the U.S. are not sent forms in the Economic Census.

Census has created a special Web page at to tell you about the Economic Census, and provide statistics you can use to assess and grow your business operations.

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