Monday, January 23, 2012

"On the Way to Being Business Basic Savvy": Sound Business- A Practical Business Development Series Testimonial

The Chamber’s Sound Business- A Practical Business Development Series began with a bout of snow and a successful first “Business Basics 101” course. Instructors Nick Malden, from Score, and Cheri Pieterman, with Key Bank, were both personable and well versed in their subject matter. Despite the inclement weather, they graciously taught the class in an abridged version with additional personalized attention.

The class was focused on creating a thorough business plan that would lead to a productive, goal-oriented structure for any business. The class began in lecture form, with room for discussion and print-offs of the information provided during the class for future reference and note taking, both of which were effective tactics for a comprehensive learning experience.
Nick and Cheri were able to connect the importance of a strong business plan to each learner’s individual situation. One attendee, Delonna Kaiser, a Human Resource staffing professional establishing both a LLC and Non-Profit titled "Threads", commended Malden when she was asked what she thought of the program. “He provided a pragmatic/dimensional guide to planning an achievable business while ensuring his guidance was focused on the specific need(s) of the participant.” Ms. Kaiser also commented that, “The tone of the entire program was collaborative, well planned and the event was executed with concern for all attendees’ well being.”

I personally found Sound Business Series to be a great experience and would strongly recommend the program to anyone looking to build their business knowledge and strategies. You can find more information about upcoming classes here.

By Livey Beha, Chamber Intern

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