Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What Business Wants

What does business want in a new Tacoma City Manager?

This question, a prelude to Tacoma’s hunt for a new city manager, was posed at the Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee by three Tacoma Councilmembers.

Visiting the committee were Councilmembers Jake Fey, Ryan Mello and Marty Campbell.  They asked Chamber members at the meeting their recommendations for desired characteristics the Tacoma Council should look for in its next City Manager.

Here’s a short recap of suggestions by the Chamber members:

Management Traits

Someone who:
  • considers all the interests of the community.
  • anticipates unintended consequences
  • is adept at management
  • understands customer relations management
  • has ability to build a good team
  • manages the expectations of change
  • understands economic development attraction and retention
  • carries a big picture
  • partners
  • considers good of the whole

Fiscal Perspective

Someone who:
  • recognizes core city responsibilities
  • willingly questions “nice to have”
  • faces the reality of revenue limitations
  • looks at different ways to accomplish tasks
The Councilmembers expressed their intent to hire the new city manager by the end of this year.  In that process, they would focus on what’s desired and look for opportunities to interact with the Chamber and other community groups.

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