Friday, October 7, 2011

COOs Receive National Attention

Certificates of origin (COO) are receiving national attention.  COOs are basic to international trade - both export and import. 

COO issuance is a role reserved for chambers of commerce.  The basic authority comes via the Kyoto Convention agreement that was signed by President Bush in 2005 (and previous agreements leading up to it, starting with the Geneva Convention in 1923).

American Chamber of Commerce’s (ACCE) Senior Vice President, Chris Mead, guest authored a blog entry  which was posted Sept. 21 on Global Reach, the official blog of the U.S. Census Bureau’s Foreign Trade Division.

The blog entry brings to light the dangers of chamber stamp lending (and borrowing) to produce certificates of origin – a violation of international rules.

“In the United States, people frequently handle outgoing certificates of origin with little attention and varying standards, even though U.S. Customs monitor incoming certificates of origin with vigilance.  Since we’re all in the trade boat together, it is critical that we start upgrading our certificate of origin practices to world standards,” says Mead.

The Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber has just adopted an online Certificate of Origin service, eCertify,  fully compliant with international standards.  It is available for members (at a price discount) and non-members.  

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