Thursday, July 14, 2011

What's Important to Business Success?

Local businesses can answer questions important to growing our economy in Tacoma-Pierce County. This Jobs Survey likely takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

Here is your link to the Jobs Survey.

"Knowing the answers to these questions helps us identify issues so we can work to remove obstacles for existing businesses and to highlight the community attributes when recruiting new companies to Pierce County," said Denise Dyer, manager of the Pierce County Economic Development Division.

The first-ever comprehensive survey of businesses across the four-county Puget Sound region begins on Thursday, July 14. The "Jobs Survey" builds on a 2010 survey that captured responses from nearly 1,200 King County businesses in 15 unique industry sectors.

"First, it seeks to learn what your business needs to be successful here. Second, it answers what is unique to our county and region that adds value to having your business here, " said Dyer.

In addition, the survey is posted Pierce County's website and a hard copy will be available upon request to Hans Kueck, Pierce County Economic Development Division, or 253-798-2335.

Responses will be collected until Aug. 11. Each survey respondent will be entered to win two Southwest Airlines  Green LUV tickets.

Since multiple organizations will be sending invitations, a single employer may get the survey's link from several sources. To verify data, participants will be asked to provide contact information. These details will remain confidential and no attribution to individuals will be made.

Please remember to enter your zip code at the end of the survey since this will enable local officials to identify issues specific to Pierce County employers.

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