Monday, July 11, 2011

Chamber Advocacy for Shoreline Development and Foss Peninsula

On June 22, the City of Tacoma Council held a Joint meeting of its Economic Development and Environment & Public Works Committees. The purpose of that joint committees meeting was a briefing of the Shoreline Master Program Update.

One item addressed in that joint committees meeting was a memorandum about the City’s action to carry out the directions of City Council Resolution No. 36702. That resolution was adopted November 15, 2005 as a compromise affecting the Chamber’s sponsored land use change banning residential and hotel/motel development north of the Murray Morgan Bridge on the east shore of the Foss Waterway.

In brief, the City’s memo seeks to support the proposition that the City is compliant with the Resolution. The Chamber’s letter addressed the enumerated points of the City’s memo, concluding that the City has not complied with the Resolution.

Both are presented at these links for your evaluation.

City Memo/Resolution

The Chamber wishes the City of Tacoma to comply with Council Resolution No. 36702 as it completes the Shoreline Master Program Update, other land use planning, infrastructure and transportation development.

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