Monday, June 14, 2010

Tacoma Joint Committees Go at Shoreline Again

Please find available for your information, a letter/report from Ryan Petty, Director, Community & Economic Development Dept. to Eric Anderson, City Manager, City of Tacoma, dated June 3, 2010. This letter/report addresses many of the issues raised in the Council's Committee of the Whole on May 18.

Of particular interest, given just a quick read, are these issues:
  1. Sufficiency of timeline to include other issues (Foss Transportation Plan, Foss Vision Plan)
  2. DOE issues
  3. Alteration of SMP District boundaries
  4. Appendix C: Proposed Environment Designations (NEW)
This report is from page 40 to page 83 in the City Manager's report to the Council. You may access just the letter (7 ppg.) and Appendixes A-D (15 ppg.) as well as Appendix E: Shoreline Master Program Submittal Checklist, (22 ppg.) can be downloaded from the City site.

FYI, in brief, the Council Joint Economic Development and Environment & Public Works Committee meeting of June 9, 2010, covered many of these same issues as detailed in this letter/report and appendixes. Of particular note was the Council's interest in a Foss visioning process/plan (and availability of time).

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