Friday, February 19, 2010

Shorelines Task Force Suggests Appropriate Language Be Used

Today's meeting of the Chamber's Shorelines Task Force overflowed with creative suggestions and heartfelt perspectives to Stephen Atkinson, Senior Planner, City of Tacoma, on how to meet the goals of shoreline use through the present Update process.

The Shorelines Task Force volunteers had prepared a first draft of suggested language they wish to see included in any draft that may go forward during the public involvement process.  Additionally, today's discussion contained several ideas that were expansions of these comments or new ideas brought forth:

The discussion that the documents address the "jobs" issue as a shorelines component is a new suggestion.

The expansions of comments on banking of valuable resources is an improvement to the task force's first suggestions. For instance, the idea of "banking" shoreline properties with great (e.g., 40 feet water depth) was a new dimension. The discussion of a "fee in lieu" was an amplification to suggestions contained in the attachment for alternative ideas on public access. And, the entire discussion about "mitigation recapture" was a creative approach to public access and environmental mitigation.

The lengthy discussion of the S-8 District points to the complexity and contention among both competing and incompatible uses. At least, a clearer distinction (and noted corrections to intended allowed uses) must be made between what uses are appropriate for the East bank and the West bank. The present single Use Table with multiple footnotes has not clarified the concerns and still contains inconsistencies that contrast allowed uses depending on type, and not location. The suggestion to split the East and West into two tables and the concerns expressed that the complexities and contention really call for two districts needs further examination.
If you've properties or uses along Tacoma's shorelines and wish to participate in the Chamber's Shorelines Task Force, give us a line.

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