Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dick Muri Announces Candidacy for 9th Congressional District

From the Dick Muri press release:

Pierce County Councilmember Dick Muri announces his candidacy for the congress, 9th District.

Muri, a retired USAF Lt Colonel, will continue his decades long advocacy for a balanced budget amendment to our nation’s constitution. Congress for too long has not had the internal mechanisms to say no to interest groups' insatiable appetite for more taxes or even worse, more borrowing to be paid later by future generations.

The concept of independent states served by a limited federal government, as envisioned by our nation’s founders, has been increasingly ignored. We are now suffering the consequences. The unprecedented increase of deficit and debt these past ten years, and the credit card mentality of our current congress, is considered by many to be "generational theft".

For more information about Dick Muri's campaign for congress, visit http://www.dickmuri.com/, contact DickMuri2010@aol.com or call 253-581-5609.

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