Thursday, April 16, 2009

GROW Action Alert

There's a new tax bill that will affect businesses, but there is still time for you to stop it.

Details below from Enterprise Washington --

By extending taxing authority to counties, the state legislature will add one more layer of taxation for Washington businesses and their employees.

SB 5433, a new tax bill that would allow counties to extend a utility tax, could be heading for votes in the state House and Senate. The new tax would extend utility taxes to unincorporated areas of any county in the state. Even though this legislation will result in new taxes, the way the bill is written, it does not need a super majority to pass, just a simple majority.

King County is pushing hard for this new tax authority that will be levied on cell phone service as well as other utility customers. All company and individual utility users could be subject to this tax increase. Increasing taxes, especially a utility tax directed toward businesses, is bad for our state as we try to recover from very tough economic times.

There are a number of moderate Democrat legislators who need to hear from you to oppose this new tax. Continue on to send a letter or make a phone call to these key legislators and let them know how this new tax will negatively affect you and your business.

Take Action! There are a number of moderate Democrat legislators who need to hear from you to oppose this new tax.
• Send a letter to key legislators and tell them to oppose SB 5433, giving taxing authority to Counties.
• Make a phone call today! Click here to get the contact information of the key members in your district. A phone call directly to your elected officials is the most effective way to effect change this late in the session.

Key legislators on SB 5433
Rep. Tami Green – 28th District
Rep. Troy Kelley – 28th District
Rep. Mark Miloscia – 30th District
Rep. Dawn Morrell – 25th District
Sen. Tracey Eide – 30th District
Sen. Jim Kastama – 25th District
Sen. Derek Kilmer – 26th District
Sen. Tim Sheldon – 35th District

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