Friday, April 10, 2009

Community Leaders Double-Team Congressman

The Chamber and City Club of Tacoma, with some overlapping membership, double-teamed Cong. Adam Smith (Photo: Nina Rook) at a breakfast meeting this week.

Cong. Smith spoke of the need for fiscal discipline with reality of making choices leading to a balanced budget. He spoke as a "new" Democrat and working with the "Blue Dogs." He said there are some 68 members of that House caucus, that does have access to the White House. When questioned about tax issues, Smith said he does NOT support tax increases. He would support allowing some of the existing tax cuts to expire.

Smith said there are four tasks to do:

  • Tax Reform

  • Entitlement Reform

  • Health Care Cost Reduction

  • Foreign & Defense Policy Rationalization
The Chamber will visit Cong. Smith and other members of our Congressional delegation at its 24th annual Washington-to-Washington, D.C. trip, May 17-20. For more info, contact Mike Weinman.

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