Friday, October 23, 2015

Vote YES to Fix Tacoma’s Roads, Vote YES on Propositions 3 and A

Repairing Tacoma’s roads has long been a top reported priority of Tacoma’s residents, elected officials, and businesses.  

While no tax increase would be an ideal situation, the Chamber has worked for years to evaluate funding and improvement options for Tacoma’s roads, and has endorsed both Proposition 3 and Proposition A. 

When combined, these Propositions responsibly and equitably spread the tax burden among all parties and include a 10-year sunset date on the package to ensure no money is being taken for granted.  

When added to matching grants and contributions, the total package would provide Tacoma with 325 million dollars to repair roads and improve a situation that has been unacceptably stagnant for far too long.

Vote YES on 3. Vote YES on A. Vote YES for Tacoma’s streets.

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