Monday, June 22, 2015

Senate Likely Votes Tuesday on TPA - Say Yes

This week, the Senate will vote for a second time on passage of Trade Promotion Authority legislation…and once again, our two senators - who have already voted to support TPA once - will be two of the most important votes to ensuring successful passage!

Time to contact our Senators one last time to share your support for Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), and so TODAY spend another 60 seconds filling out your name and address into this online advocacy tool.

This updated our online letter to go only to our two senators with a messaging urging them to vote once again in support of TPA. By filling out your information again today, it will be an important reminder to them that they need to stand firm in support of President Obama’s trade agenda and in support of increased international competitiveness for Washington businesses.

Please take one minute to visit HERE to send Senator Murray and Senator Cantwell your support for this important legislation. Thanks!

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