Monday, January 19, 2015

Minimum Required Paid Leave Moves Toward Adoption 1/27 @ 5PM

Before the end of 2014, we highlighted some of the work Tacoma City Council was doing on a paid leave ordinance, including a copy of the ordinance (link).

As it currently stands, the ordinance would require all businesses operating within the City limits to offer 24 hours of paid leave to each employee each year with some rollover.

Some Councilmembers are actively working to more than double this to 56 hours of paid leave as well as making it more difficult to track hours and prevent abuse.

Now is the time to share with your Councilmembers how this ordinance, and particularly these proposed amendments, will impact your business.

Please join us on Tuesday, January 27th @ 5PM at the Tacoma City Council meeting for public comment on this ordinance.

If you'd like more information on how to participate in the meeting or provide comments, please contact David Schroedel, the Chamber's Metropolitan Development Director, at 253.682.1723 or

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