Thursday, October 30, 2014

Chamber Opposes I-1351 – Plus, Other 2014 General Election Chamber Ballot Recommendations

The Chamber’s Board of Directors today voted to oppose State Initiative 1351, which directs the Legislature to allocate funds to reduce class sizes and increase staffing support for students in all K-12 grades.

The Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee (GAC) recommended to oppose the initiative because the Legislative 2015-2017 session is already forecast to face a $1 billion shortfall. In addition, the GAC contends that the State Supreme Court’s McCleary decision directives will require $2 billion above present spending levels. The initiative would prove to be “budget-busting” by costing another $4 billion at full implementation, and is without a revenue source.

“Initiative 1351 would cause detrimental harm to the state budget which in turn will hurt the very generation that we need to help the most.  Abiding to the mandates of the McCleary decision coupled with growing jobs in our state should be our number one priority,” said Tom Pierson, Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber President & CEO. 

“The surest way we can grow funds for education statewide is through the passage of a statewide transportation package now which would have a $42 billion return to our economy generating over $2 billion in new taxes that could then be used to invest in our education system, and supporting our kids’ future which is our paramount duty!” continued Pierson.

Other 2014 General Election Chamber Ballot Recommendations:

City of Tacoma

The Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber’s Board of Directors voted to oppose: VOTE NO
•    Proposed Charter Amendment No. 6, Council (Re-) Confirmation of Utility Director
•    Proposed Charter Amendment No. 8, Extended Mayor and Council Term Limits

The Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber’s Board of Directors voted to support: VOTE YES
•    Proposed Charter Amendment No. 5, Council Confirmation of Department Directors
•    Proposed Charter Amendment No. 9, Citizen Commission on Elected Salaries

City of University Place

The West Side Branch Board of Directors voted to oppose: VOTE NO
•    City of University Place Proposition No. 1, Additional 3.5% Tax on Utility Company Earnings for Police Services

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