Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Chamber Businesses Advocate to Legislators

Movements and conclusions happen quickly in a "Short Session" of the Washington Legislature.  Already in the middle of the session, legislation is passing one house (House or Senate) or the other.

Although the Chamber's lobbyist, Michael Transue, has been actively representing the Chamber's 2014 Legislative Agenda, legislators continue to ask for contacts from the citizens and businesses of their districts.

Legislator Contact Info Here

Yesterday, business representatives from the Chamber's membership held a forum with legislators representing districts wholly or partially in Pierce County. The forum, lead and moderated by Michael Transue, reinforced the Chamber's 2014 Legislative Agenda. Legislators responded with a thumbnail description of the current status of the issues advocated by the Chamber.

Business representatives also asked legislators about specific agenda items and those issues closest and impacting their businesses.  Several business representatives took advantage of the opportunity to schedule appointments with their own legislators either before the Chamber's event or after.

More Pictures Here

Our Thanks to these Legislators attending:

Sen. Steve Conway
Sen. Jeannie Darneille
Sen. Tracey Eide
Sen. Steve O'Ban
Rep. Jake Fey
Rep. Roger Freeman
Rep. Linda Kochmar
Rep. Dick Muri
Rep. David Sawyer
Rep. JT Wilcox
Rep. Jesse Young
Rep. Hans Zeiger
Legislative Aides to include all of Pierce County

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