Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Chamber Rallies Businesses - Voices Heard

When businesses act together we are an effective voice to affect decisions about important issues.

After the News Tribune article last week, the Chamber shared the news with its members and asked them to weigh in. Tacoma Councilmembers have said they were flooded with emails from concerned businesses about new regulations mandating sick leave. In response, Councilmembers did not add the topic to their Committee of the Whole meeting today as initially planned. As a result, the reported intent to bring this issue to action by the Council today did NOT happen.

The issue of mandating sick leave continues to crop up in metropolitan areas across the nation where special interest groups believe they have sufficiently sympathetic civic leadership and historic support. To keep members abreast of happenings with mandated sick leave, the Chamber has established a dedicated webpage at www.tacomachamber.org/content/tacoma-employees-first

We expect this will not be the last attempt by special interests to propose this issue without discussions with the businesses impacted.

The Chamber will keep its members informed of developing aspects of this issue locally and will maintain this new communications link – the dedicated webpage for continuing coverage.

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  1. Who's bright idea is it to create yet another reason for Businesses within the Tacoma City Limits to leave in droves? With B&O already being anti-Competitive with our nearest neighbors, this is just plain ignorant.