Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tacoma Council Supports Fully Funded 167

The Tacoma City Council received a legislative agenda update at today’s study session from Randall Lewis, the City’s Government Relations Officer. Transportation continues to be a primary focus for local leaders and the Tacoma Council is no different.

Highlighted in the presentation was the transportation revenue package put forth by House Democrats, which included the size of the package, revenue sources, local revenue, and proposed projects. State Route 167 held a prominent position in the package with an allocation of $1 billion for the project in combination with SR 509, however far below the estimated $1.5 billion for the completion SR 167 alone.

Councilman Mello noted that support for the package would not move forward without full funding for SR 167.

Completion of SR 167 is a top priority and the Chamber likewise only supports a revenue package that provides full funding for the project. The Chamber looks forward to continuing collaboration with local leaders and organizations to accomplish this end.

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