Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chamber’s Score for State Election

This last general election has given us all suspense, if not satisfaction on all election issues. While the state has as of Tuesday afternoon counted 93.6% and Pierce County 99.5% of ballots in hand, several measures have the slimmest of margins and at least one remains too close to call.

Too close to call, where it’s numerically possible to change the current trend is Pierce Transit Proposition #1, to raise the transit benefit area’s sales tax by 0.3%.  There remains the possibility that either proponents or opponents of the measure could pay an estimated $200,000 to fund a recount, since measures do not enjoy automatic recounts.

Following are the Chamber’s Board of Directors recommendations (in bold type) for the November 6 general election measures, Pierce County election numbers, State election numbers and our score! (as of November 13, 2012)

Oppose: Pierce Transit Proposition 1 – Sales tax increase
Pierce County Voters
Approve – 49.81%
Reject – 50.19%


Update #1:  Voters rejected Proposition 1 - Sales tax increase.  Chamber win.
Transit District Voters
Approve - 49.83%
Reject - 50.17%

Support: Pierce County Charter Amendment 40 (Councilmanic Supermajority) – Requiring a two-thirds vote of the council to levy or increase a new councilmanic tax.
Pierce County Voters
Approve – 67.10%
Reject – 32.90%

PASSED = Chamber Win!
Support: Initiative 1240 – Creation of a public charter school system.
Pierce County Voters
Yes – 54.75%
No – 45.25%

State Count
Yes – 50.81%
No – 49.19%

PASSED = Chamber Win!
Support: SJR 8221 - Managing State Debt
Pierce County Voters
Approve – 65.16%
Reject – 34.84%

State Count
Approve – 63.09%
Reject – 36.91%

PASSED = Chamber Win!

Support: SJR 8223 (UW/WSU Investment Authority) – Grants UW/WSU authority under oversight of State Investment Board to invest enterprise funds in private sector opportunities.
Pierce County Voters
Approve – 41.90%
Reject – 58.10%

State Count
Approve – 43.94%
Reject – 56.06%

PASSED = Chamber Loss!

Neutral:  I-1185 (Legislative Supermajority) - One other measure was addressed by the Chamber to its membership, I-1185, a mandated State Legislative Supermajority on Tax Issues.  The Chamber adopted a “Neutral” position, and provided its membership with both pro and con arguments.  The I-1185 measure is called as a PASSED.

Pierce County Voters
Approve – 68.78%
Reject – 31.22%
State Count
Approve – 64.29%
Reject – 35.71%


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