Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chamber Supports Transit, Not Prop 1

The Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber’s Board of Directors voted to oppose Pierce Transit Proposition 1, up for voters in the November 6, 2012 general election.

“The Chamber has long supported transit in Pierce County—even supplying the headquarters for the establishment of Pierce Transit decades ago.  Unfortunately, the proposed sales tax levels are simply unacceptable.  As the Chamber continues to welcome businesses and jobs to the area, we need to stay competitive with the communities around us,” said Tom Pierson, Chamber President & CEO.

pdf of the Resolution

The Chamber believes in and supports maintaining transit operations. That the proposed tax levels would push sales taxes for Pierce County to the highest in the state is critical information that influenced many board members. Currently Tacoma and Pierce County sales tax are tied with Seattle, King County and other cities like Kirkland and Redmond for the highest sales tax rates before the proposed increase.

“Having the highest sales tax rate in the state is not a distinction Tacoma-Pierce County would want to be known for, “ Pierson said. “Being a community that preserves a reasonably business-and-economy friendly atmosphere is the sort of favorable distinction we should strive for instead."

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