Monday, June 6, 2011

Nalleys Employees in Job Fair

A 93 - year Tacoma icon – Nalleys, as you have likely heard, is closing for good on June 25. Nalleys has 160 local employees who will lose their positions as a result of this closure.

We learned very recently that Nalleys is putting on a Job Fair for their employees to help them find employment after their doors close for the last time. The Job Fair is scheduled for this Thursday, June 9 – and as of today, they are still looking for local employers who may have a need for employees with a wide variety of skills (see attached letter).

Andee Handeland (, 253-591-3277 – office, 253-905-6006 - cell) is the contact if you have questions or would like to attend. A letter with all the details is available here. The employees are management and non-management, hourly and salaried.

If you are interested, this may be a great opportunity to find experienced employees in the local area. Thank you for considering this or for passing it along to the appropriate person in your organization.

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