Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chamber Testifies for Building Opportunity

The Chamber testified at Tuesday night's Tacoma City Council meeting in favor of amendment #2011-06 of the 2011 Annual Amendment to the Tacoma Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Regulatory Code. 

Specifically, the Chamber addresses the amendment as it affected the South Tacoma Manufacturing / Industrial Center regional growth center boundaries.  The Chamber's testimony to the Council:

Thank you for the opportunity to speak in favor of #2011-06, regional center update to the South Tacoma Manufacturing/Industrial Center.

The Port of Tacoma has received many deserved accolades for its foresight and initiative with the Frederickson Industrial Park. Through opportunities realized with the actualization of the potential at Frederickson, our community has gained jobs, income and tax base.

The Chamber appreciates and supports the Council's action to make the next Frederickson - the South Tacoma Manufacturing/Industrial Center - the most attractive economic asset it can be to give us jobs, income and tax base. 

The first and final readings of ordinances adopting the proposed amendments are scheduled to occur on June 7 and June 14.

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